How to Choose an Insurance Broker

Just about every day I’m answering questions and giving advise to people about insurance. Today we are going to talk about how to find a good insurance agent. According to the California Department of Insurance, more than 50% of consumers ranked someone they trust as the most important criteria When selecting insurance agent. So how can you find someone that you know you can trust if you don’t already know an insurance broker to begin with?

Well, first you want to find an insurance broker that specializes in the type of insurance you are looking for. I would avoid going to an insurance broker that sells a little bit of everything, because they’re probably not good with all types of insurance. They may be good with one or two types of insurance, but probably not good with everything.

I would also want to work with an independent agent. There are two types of agents. One is whats known as a captive agent, and the other is an independent agent. A captive agent only works for one company and only offers that particular company’s products. While an independent agent will have a number of different companies that they work with and can offer you multiple choices depending on your needs.

Third, its a good idea to contact a several agents. You will know if he or she is a good agent because they will likely ask you a lot of questions. And the more questions they ask, the better the agent they probably are. The more information they have about you and your insurance needs, the more they will be able to help you. So be sure to give them as detailed answers as possible.

Then finally get a quote from the agent you select for whatever type of insurance you are looking to buy. Out of all the agents you talk to, usually the one that stands out as the one you feel most comfortable with will probably be the right choice for you.